Is there anything better than a gorgeous warm summer in the UK?! But have you ever walked barefoot for a while on tarmac during the summer? Last year due to a silly high heel choice, and a long walk from the car park, I opted, bravely may I add, for no shoes. This resulted in the bottom of my foot peeling after blisters for 2 months after. Now, I am not suggesting that dogs feel the same pain as me, but it got me thinking about our dog's paws pads. 


Summer months, just like the winter months can be hard on our dog's paws. Urban dogs will ultimately suffer the most, with tarmac and the pavement storing more heat than grass and soil. Constant heat on the paws, will lead to them becoming dry and irritated if not kept hydrated.Symptoms of painful paw pads may include: limping or refusing to walk, licking or chewing at the feet, pads darker in color, missing part of pad, blisters or redness Keep reading for some tips on how to keep the paws painfree during summer! 

1. Use a paw balm. Paw balms will help your dog's paw pads to restore hyrdation, which is essential to not becoming chapped. We use an ingredient called hemp seed oil (cannabis sativa) which is a natural anti inflammatory and excellent hydrator. 

2. Stick to grassier walks. Where possible the grassier your routes the better, this will give your dog's paws a break from constant heat. Athough it is important for dog's paws to build up a resistance, and the pavement is ideal for this, it is best done in cooler hours. 

3. Check paws after every walk. It is important to check your dog's paws frequent and remove any debris, as this can cause further irritation. Check for whether the skin is becoming chapped or cracked.