What should you include in your Doggy First Aid Kit

We hear it spoken about all the time, but few actually have one, a first aid kit for your dog! 

First aid kits are a great kit to leave in your car for emergencies or carry in your walking bag, much like people having a few supplies to hand in the case of an emergency are very helpful. But what should you include in your first aid kit? 
Let's take a look together... 

What supplies should you have in your first aid kit? 
  • conforming/open-weave bandages 
  • bandages – a roll of self-adhesive or crepe bandage
  • some non-adhesive absorbent dressings, to cover open wounds
  • surgical sticky tape
  • cotton wool balls / just a pack of cotton wool 
  • a box of sterile absorbent gauze
  • blunt ended scissors, preferably curved
  • a thick towel
  • an Elizabethan collar
  • Anti septic wipes / solution suitable for dogs 
  • Hot / Ice packs 
  • Tweezers

How do you know if your dog needs emergency treatment?

  • Your dog is repeatedly vomiting, especially in young and older dogs 
  • Your dog is trying but unable to defecate or urinate 
  • Your dog is collapsing, struggling to stand or is reluctant to stand 
  • Your dog has difficulty breathing 
  • Your dog has become paralysed