Hey my name is Talia, and I am the founder of Million Collar Club. 

I grew up and live on the south coast in the UK, with my 7 year old Diva/ Tortoise Littlefoot. Like many, throughout my life my one main interest has always been animals, and their welfare. 

Have you ever had the feeling that you should be doing more? Well this is how I felt whilst visiting an animal park in Jamaica whilst on holiday. Watching animals and birds in much smaller environments than they need really got me thinking and obsessing about how I could help. Although in this case, there was little I could do, I have made it my mission to support and better the lives of animals through shelters and adoption. 

I wanted to create a brand people could trust and get behind. I have always felt that the pet industry leaders do not replicate the same passion we have as pet owners, and in this day in age they should. I began the application process of becoming a volunteer at a local Dog shelter soon after I arrived home, and have been volunteering weekly ever since. 

I started researching products for dogs and ways in which I could reduce our unnecessary packaging and plastic use. And after a couple of weeks, we had the concept for our first 3 products! We hope to add to our product line very soon, continuing with our values.